Services by Marnie McCurdy, LAc, FABORM

Marnie McCurdy, founder of East-West, specializes in fertility acupuncture, prenatal and postnatal care for mothers, women's health, gynecology, chronic pain management, digestive health and functional medicine. Marnie is available Thursday afternoons in Glen Park, Monday mornings Downtown, and alternating Wednesdays at Bernal Heights.

Acupuncture, Wellness and Integrative

Traditional acupuncture can be helpful in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions including but not limited to: pain, infertility, headaches/migraines, insomnia, anxiety, injuries, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, addiction, mental health, allergies, respiratory conditions, surgery recovery, nervous system imbalance and more. For more info, visit our website.

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Massage Therapy

Our integrative therapeutic bodywork sessions are customized to meet your individual needs and goals. Therapeutic massages may include swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, acupressure, or other techniques. See specialty bodywork section below for more modalities.

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Specialty Bodywork

We offer a wide variety of specialty bodywork modalities including TMJ Dysfunction Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Massage, Craniosacral, ®Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Tibetan Kunye Massage, Orth-Bionomy, Hendrickson Method Orthopedic Therapy, and Neuromuscular Reprogramming.

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Physical Therapy and Bodywork by Liz

Liz Williams, PT, CMT, MA, PYT offers an integrated approach combining manual therapy, mindfulness and exercise to facilitate health and well being. Common issues that can be addressed through physical therapy include: joint pain resulting from injury or overuse, post-surgical rehabilitation, pelvic pain or dysfunction, and balance deficits.

Integrative Wellness Counseling

Laurie Dievendorf, MA is passionate about helping you cultivate awareness and recognize patterns in areas where you need support. With over ten years of experience, Laurie works with people of all genders, sexual orientations, and partnerships to create better communication and intimacy, bringing compassion and a joyful sense of humor to her sessions.

Alexander Technique by Evelyn Hess

Evelyn is an Alexander Technique teacher who specializes in treating back pain. Since earning her teaching certification, Evelyn has studied internationally with teachers from western Europe, Australia and Japan. Her clients are athletes, musicians, actors, singers, as well as busy professionals who want to get rid of back pain, and improve their performance and quality of life.

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